Raymond Weil

Labrinth Pre-Brit Awards: Sponsored by Raymond Weil

Strategic Partnership Solutions get decision makers in front of those who pull the strings. By cutting out the clutter and enabling brands to get right to the source, we aim to ensure the collaboration process is a stroll in the park. Understanding objectives, introducing key stake holders enables us to forge long and meaningful relationships that often go beyond a specific one-off brief. The relationship with Labrinth and Raymond Weil was as a result of him participating in a previous brief for Raymond’s ‘Home House Live’

We were tasked to create compelling content for Raymond Weil for their Home House Live partnership. The brief was to enable new and upcoming bands to get support and amplification through ES Live while giving affluent young members of Home House the opportunity to be ahead of the curve. This was in an environment far removed from beer stained carpets and recycled plastic pint glasses. Each artist was presented with a stylish Raymond Weil timepiece and was also featured in The Evening Standard’s on-line platform ES Live.

Another relationship Strategic Partnership Solutions forged, was with Raymond Weil’ s media partner Harpers Bazaar and Bluey Robinson. Bluey had single handedly created a massive on-line following. The clients wanted to stimulate and engage consumers and get them to share the content. Again this relationship is an on-going one that has successfully gone way beyond these activations.

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