About Us

After 32 years in the business of music, Mervyn Lyn set out to start something new and compelling. After a great deal of time at the major labels, he have finally took the plunge to work for himself. The aim is to use his extensive “black book of contacts” from a wide field to satisfy an extraordinary need for partnerships for entertainment clients, brands and sport.

“Mervyn is an artist-man through and through. I worked with him for many years at BMG and Sony BMG and I always marvelled at his uncanny ablity to get along with Artists of all kinds. They clearly trust him and respect his judgement. Mervyn is also a very experienced and creative marketing man, with an eye for the unexpected. Latterly he has used this talent to fuse together the interests of entertainment and brands and it is no surprise that he has done so to great effect”

Clive Rich – CEO and Owner
Rich Futures Limited

Mervyn is an inspiration to work with. He has an exceptional ability to deliver, and maintain, a clear strategic vision which results in very successful branded entertainment solutions”

Ann-Margret Kearney – Activations Director


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